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Don Geronimo got his first career at WRWC in Rockton, Illinois at the age of 14, in stereo. As his career accelerated but developing never stopped.

At Fun Lovin’ 13Q Don was out and around the air while in the key market of Pittsburgh, by the age of 16. At seventeen, he worked in New York, performing the night shift at 99X. And he got fired. Again. And started the rise all the way back-up the air ladder.
In 1979 he was employed at WPGC in Washington, DC. From there it had been on to KIIS- WLS in Chicago then FM in La. After moving to WBBM-FM in Chicago for days, he moved all over again, back to Washington DC in 1985.

The move to WAVA combined with delivery of Don’s daughter Bart in ’85 meant no further moving for a time. Don partnered with Mike O’Meara around the WAVA Morning Zoo thru 1991 and was transferred to mornings after doing the day transfer on WAVA. At that point, Mike Show" & the now renamed "Don moved to WJFK and back to days in DC. The D&M show went for more than 20 years, and at one level was more info syndicated to more than 50 programs. Don retired from that show in 2008, returning to radio this season at KHTK in Sacramento. He remained there of three years, until he was shot. Yet again!

That led to the creation of the! Several types of Don’s air work solo and about the D&M present can be found at Don continues to produce his wonder daily via downloads and live streaming. Don won the Billboard Air Personality Of The Entire Year in 1978 (medium markets), and again in 1981 (key markets) and 1984 (key markets). Don has appeared in a handful of shows and videos, most famously, his two "stellar" appearances on King Of Queens. More are available on Don’s IMDB page.

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